Do you want a great body or not?

Posted: May 1, 2015 in Beginner Training Advice

Tell the truth….

Do you really want a great body or is having nice arms and a six pack just a thought that dances through your mind every now and then?

Have you decided you’ll do whatever it takes to build some serious muscle mass and lose body fat or are you waiting until everything is “just right” before you take action?

Do you take a precise, intelligent approach toward your training and nutrition, in order to achieve actual RESULTS or do you just go “workout” and “eat well”, in hopes that somehow you’ll end up with a great body?

Have you put in the time and effort to educate yourself on great training techniques and proper nutrition or do you think you’ll get where you want to go by “winging it”?

Have you set specific goals, and a timeline for achieving them, or do you just hope and wish that you’ll build a muscular physique someday?

Are you willing to make real sacrifices and pay your dues in order to build a body that most people never will or are you content with looking, feeling and being just average?

Now is the time for a brutally honest self-assessment….

Take a long, hard look at yourself. And, I don’t mean just from a physical standpoint, although that is important. I mean dig deep, way down to your core, or very essence of your being, and search for what you’re really made of.

Are you truly motivated? If so, what motivates you?

The way I see it, so many people say they’re motivated to change their body and life, and they may even convince themselves of it, but their actions (or, inaction) speak louder than their words.

A person who really is motivated to make dramatic changes to their body makes training a priority in their life. They don’t go to the gym only IF they can fit it into their day. Most days they can’t wait to hit the iron and, if they’re truly motivated, even on days when the gym is the last place they want to be, they still find a way to make it happen.

They take the time to shop for nutritious foods and they prepare meals ahead of time so they’re able to consistently feed their bodies the materials it needs for growth. They realize the initial effort they put in up front pays off tremendously on the back end and makes the whole process so much easier.

A truly motivated person does whatever’s necessary to afford a gym membership, groceries and supplements, even if it means getting a second job or cutting back on the expenses that don’t serve their purpose and help them achieve their goals. They’re willing to sacrifice the smaller things now in order to get to the big prize waiting around the corner.

So, what do you think now? Still think you’re motivated?

If you thought you were motivated, but now you’re questioning just how strong that motivation is, that’s actually a good thing. You can decide, here and now, if pursuing an amazing physique is worth it for you. If it’s not, then stop wasting your time. Because, unless you’re giving it your all and doing the things necessary to build muscle and lose fat, you really are just wasting your time.

Never forget, your time is your life.

If the answer is “yes”, then maybe I can help you find your motivation.

In my opinion it comes down to asking yourself a simple question and then giving yourself the most honest answer you possibly can.

Why do you want a better body?

To put it another way… what are YOUR reasons?

You see, I’ve found that when people clearly identify their real reasons for wanting to build muscle, lose fat, get healthier and make a dramatic change to their body, it automatically sparks motivation.
Unfortunately a lot of people never really think about their reasons.

They don’t really know why they’re spending their time picking up heavy things, physically exhausting themselves and enduring so much soreness.

They’re not quite sure why they’ve given up eating cheeseburgers, french-fries, ice cream and cake. They don’t know why they’re sacrificing and putting in so much effort when other people are living a “fun” and “normal” life.

Most people have some idea of why they’re doing it and it’s usually something along the lines of “to get in shape”. However, that kind of surface level reason most often isn’t meaningful enough to make people do what’s necessary to get REAL results; at least not for the long haul.

A lot of people will start off with great intentions and a full head of steam but, when the shit starts getting tough and results don’t come after a few weeks, they gradually lose their drive.

You have to dig deeper than that….

Now, I can’t tell you what your reasons are but, if you’ve decided to start working out and eating better, I can tell you that you’ve got em’. You just need to identify and understand what they really are.

Maybe you were skinny in high school and had to put up with stupid jokes and dumbass remarks. It hurt your confidence and caused you to be very self-conscious. Or, even worse, maybe you were bullied by some ass hole that was bigger than you.

Probably some fat ass, that hadn’t seen his dick since he was 10 years old, so he was pissed at the world.

Becoming fed up with the embarrassment, mental anguish and pain could all be POWERFUL reasons for you to hit the gym, build muscle and get bigger… if you make the conscious decision to use those reasons.

Maybe you’re overweight right now and have to put up with some of the same bull shit. You don’t feel good about yourself at all and you’re tired of people snickering and laughing behind your back. If you grow tired enough of it, and you decide you want to look better, feel better, have more confidence and shut those dumb ass’s the hell up, you’ve found your reasons for changing your body.

Maybe you’re on the other side of 40 and decide you’re not going to just settle for growing old, tired and weak. You refuse to let your best years be behind you and you decide you want to look and feel good for life. You want to live long enough to see your kids grow up and even be able to keep up with the grandkids someday.

Those are your reasons and, if you use them, they can motivate you to achieve amazing results.
In my humble opinion, finding your reasons, and using them to light a fire within yourself, is the key to everything. It unlocks the motivation, discipline, determination and drive that it takes to build the body of your dreams.

Find your reasons and harness the power they hold to help you make dramatic changes to your body.

Write them down, read them every day and think about them often.

Let your reasons motivate you. Let them inspire you. Let them be your guiding light along your journey towards building your body and becoming the best ‘you’ that you can possibly be.

I can tell you from experience; if you have strong enough reasons to get what you want, you will find a way to make it happen.

So, it’s up to you. Go find your reasons and start experiencing the success that you know you deserve.

Until Next Time,
Michael Wheeler

Hey guys, what are your reasons for hitting the gym every day? Why do you do what most people won’t in order to get what most people don’t? I’d love to hear about them!!

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