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Of course, this answer to this is “No”.  However, if I meet my goal, this one can definitely help.

But first… I love lifting weights. It’s been a huge part of my life for quite a long time now.  Actually, truth be told, it ain’t even so much that I love lifting weights as it is that I love the way it makes me look and feel.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the hell out of my time in the gym.  I’ve never found a better stress relief, well.. except maybe for sex, and it’s a more effective anti-depressant than any pill the pharmaceutical companies are currently pushing. Oh, how I hate those cheesy ass commercials they produce.  Is it me or do the fucking side effects sound WAY worse than being depressed?  

Anyway, I digress… Although the actual act of lifting weights is great and, to me, a hell of a lot of fun, the fact of the matter is we do it to achieve RESULTS. We don’t grind away rep after rep, set after set with some heavy ass weight just because it’s a “fun” thing to do.

No, we do it because we want to change our bodies! We want to build rock solid muscle mass and to gain super-human strength.  Or, we want to lose body fat and get ripped. Actually, what most of us want is to do it ALL at the same damn time.

Unfortunatley, so many people never really seem to make much progress at all.  And, for the most part, it’s not for lack of effort. There were several years that I spent busting my ass in the gym, only to see minimal gains.  It was unimpressive and disappointing to say the least.  There were so many times when I felt like giving up all together and saying “fuck it” because it just didn’t seem like anything worked.

However, I have a pretty strong will and I don’t give up easily.  Plus, I wanted it BADLY. I wanted, so much, to experience real, significant gains in muscle mass.  I wanted to build a big, thick chest, full, round shoulders and huge arms.  I wanted to get so damn muscular it looked like my body was carved out of stone.So, what did I do?

I started looking for answers.

You see, when I first started lifting weights I read a lot of bodybuilding magazines in an attempt to learn how to train correctly and build muscle. Being the newbie that I was, I would copy the training plans of the pro’s and then attempt to use them in the gym. This is a common mistake, made by so many guys, most of which are brand new to training.

It’s a bad idea for several reasons…

Number one, often those training programs are just something that the featured pro, or even the author of the article, comes up with off the top of their heads in order to put something on paper.

Number two, those programs are most often not all that much like what real, competitive bodybuilders actually use.

Now, I’m not saying there is nothing to be learned from the bodybuilding magazines because I did gain some knowledge and learned a helluva lot more aobout training than I knew before reading them.  Some of them actually offer quality advice.

What I am saying is a lot of them include training routines that are either complicated bull shit, that’s more effective at selling magazines than building muscle, or the routines are effective but they’re just way too advanced for the average, natural lifter.

Next, during my quest to find the best training program out there, I turned to the internet.  I was desperately seeking the “magic” routine that would give me an amazing body as quickly as humanly possible.

Holy shit, was I overwhelmed!

There is SO MUCH information available at the click of a mouse that it can seriously leave a person in a state of “paralysis from analysis” which actually translates in English to “not knowing what the fuck to do”.

I mean seriously… I would read about “The Ultimate Fucking Muscle Blitz” and “Balls to the Wall training” and “1,000 rep volume training” and “If you do 1,000 reps you’re fucking stupid because you only need to do one set til you puke training”

What!?  Which one is right?  WHO is right?  What actually WORKS, damn it!!??

I would read about Program ABC, which claimed to be THE way to build the physique of your dreams.  I’d get all jacked up about it, thinking I had finally found the secret to building muscle, then hit the gym with a new level of motivation.

After a couple of disappointing months I’d read about Program XYZ, which stated that their methods were the best for building muscle and that you’re a fucking schmuck if you follow Program ABC.  So, after beating my head against the wall a couple hundred times, I’d start back at square one.

This revolving door of training programs left me in a perpetual state of confusion and never really making much progress at all.

What’s worse is, at times, I would read about a few different programs that looked like “the real deal” to me and, instead of working one for a while, I’d try to combine the two.  Needless to say, that didn’t get me very far.

Finally, to add to the confusion, I bought a few books that lead to equally unimpressive results.

So, what gives?  I mean, whether it was in a magazine, on television, on the internet or possibly even in person, I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of guys with the type of physique you would love to have.  Am I right?

Therefore, common sense tells us that something has to work. Those people with amazing physiques have found a training method, or methods, that actually produce results.  Now, sure, you can attribute their development to steroids, great genetics, having enough money for expensive trainers, supp’s… fill in any reason you want.

Yes, those things can help a person get results but, regardless, those guys didn’t get the bodies they have without putting in a ton of hard work, being extremely dedicated and using highly effective training techniques.

So, that’s good news.  All hope is not lost.  The fact is YOU can gain muscle, lose fat and build a physique that’s possibly better than anything you could’ve imagined.

I spent years researching, trying to put the pieces of the bodybuilding puzzle together. I’ve tried almost every technique and training program known to man and, in doing so, trial and error eventually led me to some incredibly effective training methods that actually do produce real results.

Once I began to implement basic, simple, no bull shit training strategies into my routine, my body started changing at a rapid pace.

My muscles grew by leaps and bounds, my strength went through the roof and I achieved the body I’d wanted for so long.

No, I’m not some d-bag who only wants to brag on my own accomplishments.  I only say this to make you realize that if I can finally do it, after all the time I spent spinning my wheels, frustrated and confused and gaining next to nothing, so can YOU.

You see, my friend, the reason I’ve created this blog is to help clear some of the confusion and hopefully end (or at least put a dent in) the frustration.  This is my purpose. My ultimate goal is to help people achieve REAL RESULTS.

If you’re brand new to bodybuilding/weight training, and really just don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. I will provide you with knowledge of basic training strategies which have produced significant muscle growth and strength gains in thousands of bodybuilders. This will help you build a foundation of size and strength.  As you put in time, and pay your dues, you can begin to take your development to the next level through more advanced techniques that I’ll also provide.  We’ll keep your body guessing and your muscles growing!

If you’ve been grinding away in the gym, day after day, month after month, year after year without ever experiencing the results you’ve worked so hard to get, don’t feel alone. I’ve been exactly where you are now… disappointed, frustrated and confused and on the verge of giving up. I had grown SO tired of worthless information that left me using ineffective training techniques that were a waste of time equivalent to playing with a fucking yo-yo in the middle of the gym.  I’m sure you are too.

There are training programs that work.

You just have to sift through so much garbage in order to find them, therefore sparking my motivation for creating this blog. I intend to bring a ton of extremely valuable information to this one, central location instead of scattered all about in books, magazines and on the web, as it was when I found it.

If you’ve been looking for what works, essentially I’m going to simplify your life, by taking some of the research and “leg work” (no pun intended…for the love of God, work your legs!) out of it for you. That way, instead of spending your time and effort searching for the right formula, you can get in the gym, put in the work, and start getting RESULTS.

It is my goal to bring forth the absolute best information available anywhere.  This means training programs that have been proven to be effective for a wide population of people, both scientifically and in the real world, in real gyms, by REAL bodybuilders.

Last, but certainly not least… you could have access to a training program that has been proven to be 100% effective for every person that used it (how I wish such a program exists) but, if you don’t feed your muscles the quality nutrition they need, your body won’t change a bit! 

That’s one of the HUGE mistakes I made for so long.  I spent so much time searching for the right training routine that I failed to realize that I was only concentrating on one piece of the puzzle. I ate what I thought were “good” foods and a clean, bodybuilding diet.  But, honestly, I didn’t put the same level of attention and effort into my nutrition as I did into training.

BIG mistake.

Although there are some genetic freaks out there, who can eat candy bars and cheese burgers all day and still get big and ripped, for the vast majority of us that shit just ain’t gonna cut it. Ask almost anyone with an amazing physique and they will tell you that 80% of your success in building muscle and losing fat depends on the food that you put into your mouth.

Therefore, I’ll cover some effective but simple nutritional strategies (I hate calling it a diet… no one likes to diet) and meal plans for building muscle and losing fat.  I’ll also provide you with some quick, easy muscle building recipes that are next to impossible to mess up, even for us guys. And, because it can be every bit as confusing as which training program to use, I’ll cover the wide world of supplements and let you know which ones you should invest your hard earned money in, because they actually do help you get results, faster.

Also, just because I’m cool like dat, I’ll let you know which supplements I think are nothing but monkey piss or, for your convenience, bottled monkey piss.  Probably best to stay away from these….

This blog is all about… RESULTS.  I want to provide people with real, straight forward, no bull shit advice that will help them experience dramatic changes in their body, no matter what their goal is.

I’d bet a weekend get away in the Caribbean islands with Jennifer Lawrence that the vast majority of people reading this don’t go to the gym just for “something to do”.  If you do, I’m fairly certain this blog really won’t interest you that much.

However, if you’re interested in the kind of information that has the potential (I can provide the info but you still have to put in the work) to help you pack on muscle mass, burn body fat and transform your physique, stick with me because this is going to be your new, favorite hangout.

This is gonna be fun, entertaining and, if I meet MY ultimate goal, life changing because you will get the body that you deserve.

We’ll get started soon….

Until next time,

Michael Wheeler

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